At Plaza West Care Center, we believe that living a full life means being involved.

That’s why we seek to provide our residents with the same opportunities and experiences that enriched their lives at home.


In caring, we thrive.

Living a full life means being involved and knowing that joy doesn’t have an expiration date. Wherever there’s life, there’s a chance for joy to shine. Opportunity and new experiences are not checked at the door when residents arrive – they instead develop, continue, grow and even flourish – limited only by ones desire, imagination and capacity.

Our reputation of excellence is proudly earned by our unwavering commitment to warmth and comfort within an intimate setting rich with all the comforts of home. Cheery, open spaces, furry and feathered friends alike, an Eden of flowering plants, comfortable nooks for solitary or group fellowship – just a few of the environmental factors continually shaping our philosophy.